Rowan Bay Sorbus – Review

Rowan Bay is a new UK based woven wrap company set up by ecologist and wildlife gardener Larissa Cooper with an intention to reflect the love of nature through the wrap designs and ethos. They have prepared two designs for testing, Chrysler and Sorbus, both in a delicate combination of blue and minty grey. Sorbus, a design of a repeating rowan leaves, was the wrap I was lucky to be able to test.


Having just undergone one of those unexpected two-day fevers that have you feeling like you’ve been run over by a train, I wasn’t feeling all that capable to wrap a wrap that seemed to require a bit of a strength. Luckily, Sorbus proved to be a very forgiving and reliable wrap in not so perfect wrap jobs.

Rowan Bay Sorbus feels rather heavy and blankety in hand, which is no wonder given the fact that it is a double weave and 350 gsm wrap. The weave is dense, but since it is weaved out of 100% Egyptian combed cotton, it doesn’t seem overwhelming and too strong. The double weave makes it pull prone, and a good diagonal stretch, along with little texture, means that it should glide easily. The long 4 I was testing could have used some more breaking in, but it was already much softer after I had given it a good ironing.


With 62 cm, the wrap is somewhat on the narrower side, which comes handy if your baby or toddler doesn’t like to keep their hands inside the wrap. My little one has recently set her mind to wiggle her arms outside when I carry her on my back, mostly so she can pull my hair or touch my face. Sorbus proved ruck solid during these attempts.

The hemming on the wrap is immaculate, and the middle marker is set on the “wrong”, blue, side of the wrap. The tapers are blunt, but this doesn’t make much difference if you prefer a knotless finish. In a front carry tied under bum, it took me some effort to tie a solid double knot.


Late March and early April was already very warm in Croatia, so a double layer carry such a double hammock was a bit too warm for us. A simple fwcc or ruck was, on the other hand, both comfortable and supportive. With her 8 kilos, my daughter might not be a proper test for the Sorbus as far as weight is concerned, but trust me that this is definitely a toddler-worthy wrap, and you won’t have any problems in long carrying much heavier babies, even in a front carry.


Given the density, of the wrap, the knot is a bit bulky, and you also need some extra strength to tighten each strand firmly, so one might get an impression that this is not a beginner’s wrap. However, because of its double weave and just enough grip that it gets from the texture, Rowan Bay Sorbus is very forgiving with sloppy wrap jobs. It pleats nicely, stays in place and provides a nice cush on the shoulders.

I wouldn’t consider it a summer wrap in warmer climates – like any other wrap in a heavy range, for that matter – but if you’re not facing a 30 degrees for most of the year, then Rowan Bay is an excellent investment.



btyI liked front snuggles for the warmth and softness the combed cotton provides, but could also do quick ups in a back carry because I didn’t have to pay that much attention to tightening the wrap to make it super comfortable.

Sorbus will look especially great in shorter sizes, and its gentle combination of blues makes it a perfect jeans wrap, with a touch of luxury for your little explorers. Rowan Bay aims to make wraps for adventures. There’s no better adventure than everyday exploring the world through children’s eyes.



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